Rosemarie Cereghino: Voice Instructor, Coach, Soprano, Accompanist


Voice Instructor

Rosemarie Cereghino is a Certified CoreSinging Teacher
Rosemarie Cereghino is a Certified Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method Teacher


When it comes to improving myself as a singer and performer, beginning voice lessons with Rosemarie was the best decision I have ever made. Rosemarie is passionate about her teaching, and it shows. At the beginning of my lessons I was not a proper singer; but after three short years, everything had changed. In fact, my vocal ability had improved so much that when lessons became available closer to my home, I opted to continue to take lessons from Rosemarie, who is 80 miles away from my rural hometown. My family remains in awe at the strength in my voice that came from learning the proper technique. I can't believe what I have learned during lessons. . . I never realized the anatomy involved with the voice. The things I have achieved now would not have been possible without Rosemarie, and I give her the highest recommendation.
Christopher Hanner
I have truly enjoyed working with Rosemarie for the past 3 years. She has a knowledge of singing so extensive that enables her students to improve their range, better understand their voice, and figure out what they can do to make it even better. It is assuring knowing that your voice teacher understands exactly what postures or movements can affect the sound you produce, and Rosemarie is willing to play around with it until the student finds out what works. It is a pleasure working in the easygoing, yet productive, atmosphere, and her students can't help but notice a positive change in their voice as well as their presentation of songs. Thank you for a wonderful 3 years!
Lauren Kelly, Kirkwood High School graduate
Rosemarie was my voice instructor for 2 years, and during that time she introduced me to an entire new world of possibilities for my voice. She helped me explore all areas of music from jazz to classical to broadway. Her techniques instantly fixed problems I had been struggling with for years. She has a unique talent for teaching with outstanding expertise and compassion. I always looked forward to my weekly lesson because I knew we would laugh, sing, play, and I would walk out a more confident and passionate singer.
Karin Seley, student
I took voice lessons with Rosemarie for three years, and not only did she improve my voice technically, but she taught me to have more confidence and presence on stage! I am now headed off to study acting at a conservatory, and am so thankful that Rosemarie has prepared my voice technically for the work that I am about to pursue. She has taught me the proper breathing, placement and range necessary for the stage, and she has done it with the utmost professionalism and outstanding teaching ability! I am never more comfortable with my voice than when I'm in a lesson with Rosemarie! She is extremely easy to work with and focuses on areas that need to improve!
Emma Stephenson, student
I took voice from Rosemarie through high school and WOW what a difference! Not only did my voice improve significantly but my confidence in my abilities did as well. She is a fantastic teacher and role model who not only teaches you techniques to improve your voice but also educates you on why the techniques work. I learned so much more than just how to sing from her, I learned how my voice works. She brings new as well as traditional techniques to her teaching and customizes the styles to fit the student's needs. I am a better and more educated performer, all thanks to her.
Janelle Azmy, Kirkwood High School graduate and musical theater major
I worked with Rosemarie for three years as an undergraduate, and was amazed at how much my voice and technique grew. I really enjoyed discovering all the different things my voice can do, and finding different tools for practice -- including learning not to be afraid to take some risks in the practice room. I also loved that we took time over music to solidify technical things while still covering a generous variety of literature each semester. Now I am a graduate piano major at University of South Florida, and after singing for one of the voice professors here, I was offered the chance to do a Masters degree in voice as well. I know I would not have had this chance without Rosemarie's solid technical grounding, and I am proud to be an alumna of her studio!
Inés de Erausquin, Master's Degree student, University of South Florida
Studying with Rosemarie has been one of the most positive and beneficial experiences of my high school career. In only a little over two years, she has helped me grow exponentially as a vocalist, in terms of technique, musicianship, and confidence. She has also served as a most wonderful resource in preparing for solo/ensemble festival, all-state choir auditions, school musicals, and college musical theatre auditions.
Rosemarie is one of the most talented, intelligent, and passionate people I know. I admire her so much and have grown as a person because of her. I only wish that I could take her with me to college!
Anne Martin, student
My daughter Audrey loved taking voice lessons with Rosemarie. Audrey felt encouraged during her lessons, but she also learned so much about hard work and dedication. Rosemarie helped my daughter grow as a singer and as a person because of the respect and compassion she offered every week. We have moved from St. Louis, and our one regret is that Audrey can't continue to take voice with Rosemarie.
Susan Pennington, parent
I was a student of Rosemarie's for 2 years, and I must say it is one of the best decisions I've ever made to further what I want to do in life, which is musical theatre. Rosemarie taught me so much about using my voice as an instrument, showed me how important posture is while singing, and how important it is to take good care of my voice. I've learned so much from her and definitely have seen an improvement in the past two years with her help.
Audrey Pennington, student
I have always loved to sing in choirs, choruses of shows in high school, and in the shower. . . but since taking part in cabaret conferences in St Louis, I found I needed to add a stronger, educated voice to add singing confidence to my strengths of stage presence, pitch, and knowledge of cabaret music. . .
In this first year I have studied with Rosemarie, my confidence is growing with each lesson. . . I learn so much from her explanations of how the voice works. Her tailored-to-me exercises are empowering, taking me step by step to what I need to learn next . . . As Rosemarie encourages and challenges me to push myself, my range enlarges, my choice of songs to sing enlarges. . .
All in all. . . I am more awesome in the shower each day and in every cabaret rehearsal and performance. I love learning with Rosemarie and come away grinning after each lesson.
Carolyn Lesser, student
...My family still has difficulty believing the results of my lessons... My loving daughter said, after hearing me sing, "I don't know what you're paying that lady, but you should double the amount!"
So, obviously, I would recommend Rosemarie as a voice teacher for ANYONE, regardless of age or skill level.
Joseph C Whittington, student
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My brother and I have been songwriters for a long time but only now, after working with Rosemarie, do we consider ourselves singers as well.
I was referred to Rosemarie by the Center for Voice in St. Louis after seriously straining my vocal chords while rehearsing for an important gig. I remember showing up to my first lesson and thinking, "there's no way this woman can help me... I'm a rock singer and she's surrounded by Italian opera books and sheet music for Broadway show tunes..." I couldn't have been more wrong. Within minutes of our first lesson, Rosemarie pinpointed the flaws in my vocal approach and began to fix them. My brother and I noticed real improvement after only a few lessons with Rosemarie, and after a few months, we were different singers. Not only had our respective ranges increased significantly, but our control, pitch, breath support and confidence were all on different levels.
My brother and I continued to study with Rosemarie during the recording of our debut album, "On My Way"; If we had not, I believe the album would have been largely a disappointment... Rosemarie's guidance and support enabled us to reach our true vocal potential and allowed us to capture the vocal performances we wanted and needed in order to connect with our fans.
Rosemarie is a master of vocal technique regardless of style. She focuses solely on the needs of the individual and is in no way hinged to a common methodology. She customizes a "path to success" for each student and leads you down it. Her approach is fun, creative and effective and she doesn't stop until you get it!
Thank you for everything, Rosemarie!
Tom Pernikoff / The Pernikoff Brothers
I first met Rosemarie almost a year ago. I was about to begin my last year of seminary, and the thing I had most struggled with was my voice; a combination of "stage fright" and years of ingrained bad vocal habits. I came to Rosemarie for help, and for what I didn't know then, would turn out to be a wonderful form of "self-care." My voice has improved a lot, and my confidence even more than that. Rosemarie is amazing; she is excellent as a vocal instructor and mentor, and she is a cheerleader extraordinaire! . . . Two weeks ago, I graduated. Rosemarie was there.
Kathi Wilson, Master of Divinity, Eden Theological Seminary
Communication is an amazing thing. That would make Rosemarie an Amazing Person since she does it so well. In the few lessons I have had with her, I have made amazing strides. . . in my opinion. I hear the improvement in my voice and feel the reduction of stress in my vocal cords. I believe this is due in large measure to Rosemarie's ability to communicate new behaviors in a way that even I can understand and mimic. Smiles.
Rosemarie, you are a WONDERFUL TEACHER / COACH / MENTOR. Thanks so very much. I can hardly wait to hear the improvements you have planned for my voice.
Ronald Montgomery, student
Rosemarie is a top notch professional. She understands the unique abilities of each student, meeting the student "where they are" and then developing a specialized curriculum for their individual musical journey. She is driven by her passion for her students and their love of music. She desires every student to feel accomplished at each practice and recital, teaching both from an anatomy perspective (techniques that strengthen the "muscle memory") and a performance perspective ("recital readiness" and assisting students in selecting material to prepare for upcoming auditions).
Rosemarie also stays current in her field by attending vocal workshops and learning strategy seminars. What I find most special about Rosemarie is the relationship she and my daughter have developed over the past 2.5 years. They share deep respect and support for one another. We have referred Rosemaire to many potential students because of her ability to teach proper technique, but also becuase of her abiity to relate to her students on a personal level. Jordan has improved with each lesson and her auditions have improved because of the recital component of the program (each semester all of the students perform for the other students, parents and friends). I would highly recommend Rosemarie to anyone who enjoys music and performing. She is an amazing individual.
Sylvan Schulz, parent
In the past year and a half I have taken voice lessons with Ms. Cereghino. I have learned so much and come so far. She has helped me learn so much about the voice as an instrument and body part. In addition, she has helped me to recognize my talent and has instilled a new found confidence in me. Ms. Cereghino is one of the best teachers I have had.
Jenny Balzer, student
Before finding Rosemarie, I went through 4 voice teachers over nearly 4 years. Rosemarie has taught me more about my voice and how to develop it than all four of my previous teachers combined. She has worked with me on all styles of music: from American art songs to foreign language pieces, and from classical and contemporary Broadway hits to jazz showstoppers. Rosemarie has helped me greatly increase my range as well as my confidence when performing. I highly recommend taking lessons with Rosemarie!
Lauren Kalina, student
My daughter had been taking lessons with Rosemarie for about a year when I attended the recital at the end of the term. Hearing the progress my daughter had made over the year was convincing enough of Rosemarie's skills as a teacher, but I was also impressed with the quality of singing of others at the recital that I decided to sign up for lessons for myself!
I had been singing for years just for fun, but now for the first time in my life, I feel I am learning to use my voice correctly and producing better sound than ever. Rosemarie is expert at diagnosing bad habits and suggesting strategies to fix them. She has an incredible "toolbox" of techniques to help singers reach their potential.
My daughter will be attending a respected music conservatory in the fall. Thanks, Rosemarie!
Don Knobbe, parent and student
Our 14 year old daughter, Rachel, has been taking lessons from Rosemarie for over a year. Rachel's range and overall technique have greatly improved, Rosemarie is positive, upbeat, and helps bring out our daughter's confidence. Rachel loves going to lessons every week, and we feel fortunate to have found such a wonderful instructor!
Stefanie Granberg, parent
Rosemarie Cereghino is the best voice teacher I have ever taken lessons from. Since Day One she has shown a wonderful ability in helping me understand how to use my voice correctly and pull the best sounds out of it. With Rosemarie my range and vocal strength have increased (and still increases) and with that my confidence (something that was in a very poor state before I starting taking lessons with her). She is caring, intelligent, funny, encouraging, and reminds you how much fun it is to sing.
Mark Kelley, professional actor
I wasn't able to attend the (spring) recital, but my husband, Adrienne's dad, was so moved by her performance, it brought a tear to his eyes, and I've seen that happen only four times in the 22 years we've been married! ... She feels very good about her progress and is enjoying herself. I think she feels she should have started much earlier, but it's never too late. Thanks so much. We feel very fortunate to have been referred to you.
Mary Jo Thaier, parent
In my past two years with Mrs. Cereghino I have learned an incredible amount about my voice. I've recieved numerous compliments about my improvements since I began my voice lessons and I find myself consistantly (and rightfully) pointing the finger in Mrs. Cereghino's direction. I'm sure that the self-confidence I have discovered and knowledge of music I have gained will only continue to increase as I study with her.
Jamey Powell, high school junior,
Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and Mabel in Pirates of Penzance
About 15 years ago Denise, a relatively new student of Rosemarie's, sang her first solo at church. She was complimented for her "sweet voice."
Fast forward to summer 2007 when Denise once again was a church soloist. Parishioners were lavish in their praise for Denise's beautiful mezzo soprano voice.
Over the years I have listened to Denise sing at Rosemarie's student recitals. The strength, the timbre, the richness, the expressiveness -- all the qualities that make a singer an outstanding talent are become more evident as Denise continues to study with Rosemarie.
I wish her first solo at church had been taped as well as her solos during the summer of 2007. The contrast would be dramatic and a powerful testimony to Rosemarie's teaching and Denise's dedication and practice.
Jane Popham, music appreciator and audience member
Around about the 6th grade I learned that I could not carry a tune but I still enjoyed "singing." Upon my recent retirement, I decided to take voice lessons for a variety of reasons. I came to Rosemarie's studio hoping just to learn to carry a tune. I was ignorant of resonance, projection, breathing, pronunciation, vowel sounds, & etc.
After 25 thirty-minute lessons over a six month period, I recently sang some Christmas songs for my family. They were absolutely astounded! (As was I.) My sister is a professional singer who has performed with the Robert Shaw Singers and has taught voice at North Texas State University. Her outburst upon hearing me sing was, "Wow, she (Rosemarie) has done an excellent job!" My daughter, who is succinct and honest, stated, "Take what you've been paying and double it!"
For me, the lessons have been way more interesting than I'd ever imagined. I've learned how to breathe. I've learned some of how physics, anatomy, physiology and psychology influence the way we sound when singing. I love the metaphors Rosemarie uses when she makes points. She has a fantastic sense of humor and unfathomable patience.
Joe Whittington, student
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I saw more improvement in my singing working with Rosemarie for six months, than with other teachers I worked with the previous four years.
Stephanie Suntrup, student, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
I took lessons from Rosemarie for three years in high school and noticed such a dramatic improvement in my voice and performance ability! In 25 years, I have never felt so confident in my voice as I did while I was taking voice classes with Rosemarie.
Out of college now I've taken lessons from other teachers and never been as impressed as I was with the quality of Rosemarie's teaching, accompaniment, musical knowledge and communication with students.
With her intricate knowledge of the human vocal anatomy Rosemarie builds on the basics and quickly picks out and works you through your trouble spots. She also has a broad classical and musical theatre repertoire to help you pick pieces for performance and audition.
Anne Zager, actress, Minneapolis, MN
I never thought I had much of a voice, but I love music and had been singing in several choruses for many years when there was an opportunity for a small solo in my choir. I volunteered and during audition I realized how poor my breath control was and decided to do something about it. I enquired at Webster U. and was referred to Rosemarie Cereghino. Great was my delight when during my first year of training my voice became big! My breathing has improved significantly, though I am still working on it and on optimal vowel enunciation. Rosemarie is always encouraging while still striving for beautiful voice production. Rosemarie certainly has my recommendation!
Elisabeth Heiberg, retired radiologist
One of our parishioners recently returned from a three month trip to Greece and came up to me after the Divine Liturgy and said, "Fr. Achilles, you are sounding good. I've been gone three months and now I come back and your voice is 60% improved!"
(I know that percentage sounds arbitrary, but that's what he said)
Fr. Achilles Karathanos, priest, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
As a "mature"¯ singer with decades of choral singing behind me, I have been immeasurably enriched by my study with Rosemarie Cereghino. Her musical knowledge and expertise, skilled teaching techniques, and rich sense of humor make my lessons a combination of learning, laughing, stretching, and discovering abilities I never knew I might possess. I am particularly grateful for her understanding of my needs, for the ways in which she has enabled me to develop my voice beyond what I'd ever imagined, and for the joy of making music together. It has simply been a wonder to me to discover, at this stage of my life, what's possible for me as I study with her. And as I've listened to many of her other students in recitals, I know she gives each one the same kind of individual attention and encouragement I receive.
The Reverend Martha Ann Baumer, retired, Eden Theological Seminary
Rosemarie imparts her knowledge of music and voice instruction with anatomy and proper technique to allow a student to reach his or her optimal performance quality. Rosemarie individualizes a student's readiness to begin voice training as well as the rate at which a student progresses. My daughter, Julie, began voice lessons with Rosemarie as a teen and has benefited from Rosemarie's proper instruction and training to further her study at Northwestern University as a Vocal Performance major. Rosemarie's genuine concern for her student's knowledge of correct technique as well as interpretation of music is unmatched as far as we are concerned!!
Mary Tabash, parent
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